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This is an overcoat with hood used by officers in the WACs It was made out of a wind resistant and water resistant treated cotton poplin. It came originally with a liner, which this one is missing.
Ours may not be in the best of shape, as it was…

This was found inside a pamphlet for recruiting WAVES. It was used to schedule appointments to join the Navy

This is a pamphlet used to advertise the WAVES in WWII. It was used at recruiting stations.

Image from QMC Studies, Vol 12. This is the sketch for the first pattern utility bag for the WAACs.

This includes scans of the original ordering catalog for the WACs.

This booklet shows shoes issued to the WACs in WWII. This image is for the Service Shoe, Low, which the Type I was the one issued to the WACs.
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Posters were used in recruiting offices, on bulletin boards, on buildings, and more. Posters were a quick and easy way to advertise that you could join the WAACs

These envelopes come from a set of 10, showing multiple branches of women serving. The two pictured here are the WAC versions. These would be available stateside to show support for those women who served.

The Red Cross supplied patterns for the Red Cross Vest (also known as a sleeveless cardigan) and a Sleeved Cardigan. To get downloadable versions of these patterns, please visit our main website under free resources. Website can be found in the…

The garrison caps, also known as the "Overseas Cap", became a new part of the women's uniform as of April 8th, 1944. Each WAC received two caps, either one summer and one winter, or two of one type. The piping would indicate enlisted or officers,…
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