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This booklet was compiled just after the end of WWII, covering the history of the design and issuance of the military wear for both the WACs and any other services under the Quartermaster General.

This book is an incredibly resource on the Women's Army Corps in WWII. It was written after the war in an effort to record the history of what happened for multiple units within the Army.
You can access a digitized version here, thanks to theā€¦

This book is a study on the psychology and reaction of women in multiple branches during WWII.

A fictional story with included facts about the WACs, about women working in different jobs during the war, including photo lab technicians.

A part of the Fighter's for Freedom Series, this book goes into the fictional details of a young woman in the WAVES.

A book, written by Bernadine Bailey, on a fictional story about a young woman joining the WACs.

This book is a collection of war related comics, originally published in 1942. It includes WAAC comics. It was compiled by "King Features Syndicate".

2 Sheets of paper dolls from 1943. Notice that the uniforms use the cross epelets, meaning that the first pattern uniform for the WAACs is being used.

A photograph of the Des Moines Training Center in Iowa, with 2nd Lt Dominic Feliciotti and Captain Henry R. Fine.

Known as "Shoes, Field, Women's", these were issues to the WAACs and WACs alike. These had a 1" rubber heel.
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