Class As and Bs

The uniforms shown below are either a class b uniform, typically meaning worn without a jacket, or class A, which would be with the jacket.  Unfortunately, we do not have all of the parts for every combination of Class A and B uniforms, so check back often for more items being added onto this site.

Please click on the items for a closer view and a description.


The Images below demonstrate full Class A uniforms. These would include a blouse, tie, skirt and jacket. 


The Images below show Class B uniforms, which would include the entire Class A uniform, minus the jacket. 


Below are item seperates.  This shows details of the skirts, blouses, jackets and sweaters worn with the Class A and B uniforms.


Insignia used on uniforms for WAACs and WACS


WAAC Postcard

Some items are missing from this page and will be added soon!  These include the following: Khaki Summer Uniforms for Officer and Enlisted, Photos of the Khaki, Pinks and Greens Ties, First Pattern Jackets and Blouses, Skirts of all types individually, Blouses Individually, Red Cross Cardigan, Buttons, Officer's Insignia, Enlisted Winter Jacket.

Class As and Bs