Hats, Shoes and Bags

This collection is footwear, hats, and bags.  There are many different shoes that were issued, alongside bags and covers (hats). Alongside these items will include some hat specific emblems that were worn on the Hobby Hat.

Please click on each item for a closer view and a description.


The Gallery below is for Women's Hats and Covers.  These are in order of issue date.  Helmets were issued earlier than shown below, however the one in our collection is a late war model.


The gallery below is for Bags issued to the women.  Currently we only have shown the Utility Bags, however soon we will be adding a mussette bag, duffel and other misc bags.


The gallery below is for footwear.  This includes shoes, boots, slippers etc. More will be added soon! Socks and hosery will be available under our "undergarments" section.


Please bear with us as we update this page!  Quite a few items are missing, which include: Service Shoes, Field Shoes, Athletic Shoes, Felt Shoes, Galoshes, Low Overshoes, 4-Buckle Arctic Overshoes, Slippers, Leggings, Khaki Hobby Hat, Fatique Duty Hat, Baker's Hat, Wool Knit Cap, Enlisted Winter Overseas Cap, Men's Garrisons, Gloves, Scarf, Dress Gloves, Utility Gloves, Knit Wool Gloves, Gauntlet Gloves, Wool Mitten Inserts, First Pattern WAAC Bag, Military Issued Handkercheifs, Dress Shields.

Hats, Shoes and Bags