Cold Weather, Work Wear, and Off Duty

Coats, jackets, and trousers were all things worn for specific duties and for cold weather.  Please check back often as we add more of our collection to this section of the exhibit.

The bottom of our trousers are cut off in our images, as we did not have a large enough photo area.  Hopefully this will be remedied soon!

Click on each image for a closer look and description.


Off-Duty Wear

Relaxing in a Jacket Liner and Liner Trousers

We have many items missing from this page, coming soon!  These items include: The Wool Overcoat, Officers and Enlisted, The Utility Coat, Officers and Enlisted, Utility Coat Liner, Field Overcoat and Liner, Officers and Enlisted, Parka-Type Raincoat, Officers and Enlisted, Exercise Suit, Brown and Green, WAAC Bathing Suit, Work Attire for Cooks/Laundress, Fighter Command Apron, HBT One Piece Working Suit, HBT Special Suit, Winterized Trousers, Liner Trousers, Parka-Type Overcoat, Ike's Jacket, M1943 Jacket

Cold Weather, Work Wear, and Off Duty